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Home Inspections

Building Knowledge is one of the oldest and most respected inspection firms in the Southeast.

Why Choose Building Knowledge?


Building Knowledge is one of the oldest and most respected inspection firms in the Southeast. Our inspectors have performed over 25,000 inspections over a 30 year history. We also hold every relevant certification and credential, along with being licensed and insured. Building Knowledge is well equipped to handle nearly any environmental testing issue and provide recommendations for remediation. Each of our inspections utilizes the latest infrared camera technology.


We hold every necessary and relevant license and credential, including The American Society of Home Inspectors Certification, International Code Compliance Certification, Infrared Camera Certification, Radon Testing and Laboratory Certification, and Lead Testing Certification. We are licensed in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and insured for up to $2,000,000 in General Liability.


We perform a point-by-point inspection of your house from roof to foundation, following the ASHI Standards of Practice. Our inspectors are thorough and unbiased and our inspection reports are detailed and clearly written.

The Inspection Process

  • Property Access

    We carry a real estate lockbox key and can access all properties that are available via a lockbox. Many lockboxes are set to open at 9:00 am, so if our appointment precedes 9:00 am, please make arrangements for access.

  • Duration of Inspection

    On-site inspections range from 1.5 hours for a condominium to 6 hours for a multi-million dollar estate with multiple outbuildings. Properties with difficult access to crawl spaces and attics, and/or numerous defects require more time, while properties built on concrete slabs and with few defects require less time. On average, most homes require 2 to 3 hours on site.

  • Payment

    Payment is expected in advance of inspection, in the form of electronic debit or credit card.

  • Attending Your Inspection

    Clients and agents are encouraged to attend the inspection, but we realize that busy individuals can't always attend. Telephone consultation is also available to discuss the inspection and report.

  • Infrared Camera Technology

    All inspections include the use of Infrared Cameras at no additional charge, which can pick up conditions undetectable to the naked eye.

  • Environmental Issues

    We can provide environmental testing for mold (both airborne and surface), radon, lead (both paint and water), asbestos and much more, upon request. More information on environmental testing.

  • Report Delivery

    With electronic transmittal easily accessible these days, we prefer to send reports via email. The color digital photos can be clearly displayed and forwarded to agents, attorneys, contractors, family members and others. Reports are delivered in PDF format. The inspection report is generally transmitted within 24 hours of the inspection, and can be sent sooner upon request.

Optional Services

  • Radon Testing

    $150 with inspection, $200 standalone.

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  • Mold Inspection

    $150 per "tape lift", $350 and up for airborne testing

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  • Asbestos Testing


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  • Lead Paint Testing

    $200 surface testing that includes four test swabs

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  • Pest Control Inspection

    $150. Covers termites, rodents, roaches and other pests.

    Pest inspections are conducted by individuals licensed to perform inspections of building structures to determine damage or possibility of damage from insects, bugs, termites, rodents or dry rot conditions. While each of our inspections includes a cursory evaluation by our general inspector of such conditions during their walk through, these optional third party pest inspections are performed by someone with a single focus, and who are licensed to provide an “Official Georgia Wood Infestation Inspection Report.”

  • Pool Inspection


    Pools are more much complex than they seem at first glance. In addition to the pool itself, which must be solid in the ground and free of leaks, the equipment that keeps it clean and heated—the pumps, heaters, filters and sweep—must be operating properly. The electrical equipment and the plumbing also need to be tested. When one of our inspectors inspects your pool, they will test the overall operating condition of the equipment and make sure it is in good working order. The pool inspection is also focused on gate and door safety to prevent unwanted entry by children and pets.

  • Follow-up Inspection


    The follow up inspection is specifically designed to evaluate whether or not repairs pursuant to our recent inspection (generally within 30 days of the original report) have been properly completed. We typically work from “The Amendment to Address Concerns” that the buyer and seller have agreed to. The pricing depends on the number of items we are evaluating.

  • Water Testing


    We are capable of providing municipal and well water testing for both bacteria/e coli and/or a wide variety of minerals (most commonly testing for lead). We can provide custom pricing based on your specific needs.

  • Drone Flyover Inspection


    Drones provide inspectors a bird’s eye view of roofs from numerous angles. Instead of scaling a roof, which isn’t always safe, inspectors can keep their feet on the ground while the unmanned aircraft system or UAS goes aloft. With an onboard camera, inspectors and customers can see the roof and any possible defects with a high level of detail, accuracy and perspective. Drones also help you get an accurate reading regardless of your home's slope or condition.

    Drones analyze much more than just the roof of your home. Here is a list of additional items that are also assessed by drones:

    • Chimney rain cap
    • Chimney structure
    • Chimney Cladding
    • Chimney Flashing
    • Ventilation (ridge vent, etc.)
    • Shingles
    • Flashing
    • Plumbing vent flashing
    • Plumbing vent height termination
    • Plumbing vent gaskets
    • Gas vent rain caps
    • Gas vent flues
    • Gas vent flashing
    • Above the gutter line cladding, trim, gaps, paint, caulk, windows, etc.
    • Gutters and screening, maintenance
    • Roof structure
    • Tree limbs and debris
    • Antennas and satellite dishes
    • Other misc. items
  • New Construction Phased Home Inspection

    While we can provide many periodic inspections during the course of construction (weekly if needed), we typically provide two at critical points:

    $300-$500 (Pre-Drywall). The fee range varies depending on size.

    Typically, a framing/pre-drywall inspection takes place right before the sheetrock is scheduled for installation. This ensures the foundation, framing, electrical, HVAC venting and piping, and plumbing are repaired or corrected prior to being covered up by the drywall. The inspector will evaluate all components in place at the time of inspection.

    $300-$800 (Final). The fee range varies depending on size.

    Why bother with a new construction home inspection? According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 3,000 components are employed in constructing a house. These 3,000 components are likely to be installed by roughly 20 different sub-contractors, each with their own team of workers.

    Upon completion, your house could have had more than 100 different people touching the more than 3,000 components. Between the components needed to construct your home and the contractors hired to install them, mistakes are a near inevitability. This inspection is typically performed once utilities are on and all components operational.

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